Court Booking

Rules for booking courts

Please use the laminated booking sheet located in the Clubhouse or Paybox. The booking sheet will be cleared on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm for bookings to be made for the following week. Please use only the pens provided. 

  • Regular club activities and club bookings are shown as shaded on the booking sheet, and during these times court availability is very limited.

After 6 pm, Monday to Friday, the following rules apply:

  • Only 1 court booking per member, per week, and for a 1 hour slot only;
  • No consecutive booking can be made by individuals or playing partners, whether singles or doubles game;
  • Private Coaching - only 1 booking per member, per week and for a 1 hour slot only;

 There are no restrictions on daytime/weekend bookings. 

  • However, during these times the courts can become very busy with members waiting "off court" to play. 
  • In this situation, whether engaged in singles or doubles, whether you pre-booked or just turned up to play, you MUST relinquish the court after 1 hours play to give those waiting a turn. 
  • Any available courts that are not pre-booked prior to the start of a club organised activity, can be considered "free" for that group to use.
  • If booked and players don't show after 10 minutes the court is considered free.